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AdultCustoms.com is an Adult Entertainment Production and Management Service which brings together talented female adult actresses with clients looking to film custom adult entertainment videos throughout Vancouver. We work with you to create engaging adult videos to your specifications.

Our main role is to deliver on your Adult Entertainment Content Vision.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we have a combined over 20 years in the Adult Entertainment Industry so rest assured your vision will become a reality.
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*Please Note: We offer a Professional Adult Entertainment Production & Management Service. Our Actresses work legally within the Professional Standards of the Canadian Pornography Law. We do not breach the laws of “Obscenity” or “Indecency”  and our actresses will not work off camera (prostitution). Any request for such will be denied. We strictly offer on camera talent and film production services for Adult Entertainment and Freedom of Expression (artistic expression) purposes only.
All Performers are over 19 years of age.





I got to know Jake back in 2013. Since then, I have seen him successfully work in the adult industry in a professional manner and help many female performers get started with their own adult careers. He has shown to me that he is committed to his profession in the Adult Entertainment Industry and truly loves and enjoys what he does. His happy clients prove this to be true. 


Social Media Producer, Streamate.com

Jake is one of the few guys that I have witnessed work his butt off in this industry. He works a lot of hours and is extremely successful at what he does. He is very respected in the Adult Entertainment industry.

Shelby Paris

Adult Entertainer, twitter.com/shelbyparis691

I’m the admin of a DM Twitter group which consists of  many successful adult performers /professionals from different sites. Jake is the only male in this exclusive community. His expertise, insights and creativity are essential and always well received. You could not be in better hands.

Tatti D

Adult Entertainer, Twitter.com/tatti_d