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What Service Does AdultCustoms.com provide?
We offer two main services:
1. We connect female adult actresses from British Columbia, Canada with clients looking to film a pornographic video.
2. We provide adult film production, editing services and studio/equiptment rental.

Do The Scenes I Shoot Need To Be Released To The Public or Can I Keep Them Private?
 It is up to you! You own the rights to the scene and can either choose to release it/sell it or keep it for your own private use. We have some actresses that only accept private shoots and some that are happy to do commercial shoots. We have contracts you can use for both circumstances. Your content is always kept private and confidential when in the hands of the Adultcustoms.com staff. We will never release any footage. 

Where Are You Based?
Our Studio is located in Downtown Vancouver, Canada.
We can also travel to your location to shoot if you prefer.

Do You Have Experience In The Adult Entertainment Industry?
Yes! Adultcustoms.com is run by adult industry professionals that understand the industry and the need for professionalism towards both actresses and clients.

I Want To Pay To Shoot a Video. What’s The Process?
The process is quite simple. Firstly, you need to let us know specifically what sort of video you want to shoot. Then we go over some details and shoot the video! We will then edit the footage and send it to you via a secure online download within 48 hours.

How Quickly Can I Schedule a Shoot?
If it’s a simple shoot, we can usually set it up within a few hours. Get in touch to “book a shoot”, we go over details and confirm a time that works for everyone.

What Sexual Acts Am I allowed to request In The Scene?
You are bascially in charge of the creative of your shoot and then it is up to the actresses to decide whether or not they feel the role is right for them.  So the general types of acts you would expect to see in an adult production such as BJ’s, Sex, Massage, Threesomes and certain types of roleplay etc are all fine to request. As we operate legally under the Canadian Pornography law, we can’t accept requests that would be seen as “obscene” or “Immoral” in nature. That includes things such as “age” play, incest,  horror, anything to do with beastiality etc. For a full list of what we can and can’t do on film, get in touch with us today.

How Much Do You Charge?
Every shoot is different so pricing is difficult to determine prior to knowing the exact details of what you’re requesting. Generally, the basic rate for a simple massage style shoot is $400/hr but something more complex could be $1000+/hr. It just depends on what you want.  Our actresses set their own price. An hour shoot includes the actress, the equiptment, camera operator, the studio and the post editing. Pricing for longer shoots and hiring additional actresses for the scene (Threesomes+) etc can be negotiated.

Can Anyone Use Your Service and Participate In The Production?
We operate legally under tha pornography laws of British Columbia. So as long as you are over the age of 19, consent to being in the production, don’t request anything seen as “Obscene” or “Immoral” by the Canadian definition of the law or request the actresses perform off cam (prostitution) then yes, you can use our service to produce your own pornographic film.

How Do You Prove Clients & Actresses Are Over The Legal Age To Participate In An Adult Production?
Before any production takes place, we require that each client and actress submits government issued I.D to us to prove that they are of legal age. All I.D’s and personal information are kept private and confidential. This is a required professional standard in the adult entertainment industry.

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*Please Note: We offer a Professional Adult Entertainment Production & Management Service. Our Actresses work legally within the Professional Standards of the Canadian Pornography Law. We do not breach the laws of “Obscenity” or “Indecency”  and our actresses will not work off camera (prostitution). Any request for such will be denied. We strictly offer on camera talent and film production services for Adult Entertainment and Freedom of Expression (artistic expression) purposes only.
All Performers are over 19 years of age.