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Are You a Driven, Professional Woman?
Join Our Team & Get Paid To Act In Adult Videos.

AdultCustoms.com is a Vancouver BC based custom adult production and management company.
We are managed by Adult Industry Professionals and always have our actresses best interests at heart. We understand that for us to be successful long term, our actresses need to be too.

So we work together with our actresses to create an excellent work environment where everyone can succeed in what is traditionally a competitive field.


Some Advantages of Working with AdultCustoms.com

1.You Are in Complete Control- You will be given content requests from our clients in detail and it’s always up to you to decide whether you want to do them or not. If the request involves male talent, you can also see a picture of him and can decide if you want to take the shoot or not. There is never any pressure for you to do anything you are not comfortable with.

 2. Our Professional Staff Will Always Be By Your Side- You will never be alone during a production. We will either be behind the camera or be providing a general management/support role during shoots. We also take care of all paperwork, filming, editing, delivery and customer service so you can just focus on performing.

3. You can use our professional studio and equiptment to shoot with: We have a studio located in  Downtown Vancouver that you are welcome to use for your shoots. If the clients request a shoot at their location, we can drive you and be with you the whole time. 

4.Your Privacy and Safety Come First: We value our actresses privacy and safety above all else. This is why we offer the option to only book “private collection” shoots which means the videos you act in will not be released to the public and we can also prevent your face from being seen in videos. We also let you be in charge of all the personal health aspects of your shoot.

5. Work With a Professional Team You Can Trust: We have been professionals in the Adult Entertainment Industry for a long time. Which is not easy to do. We believe once you sit, meet our team and get to know us a little, you will see the value in working alongside professionals that know the industry inside out and can guide your career.

What We Look For In Female Actresses

All Performers Must Be 19yo+

1.You Are Reliable And Can Stick To a Schedule: We operate a professional high-end service for our clients so it’s important that you can stick to a schedule, research/learn your scene and show up on time.

 2. You Are Professional And Driven To Make Great Money: We like working with talent that is on the same wave length as our company as a whole. Drive and ambition is important to us.

3. You Have a Good Look And Are Comfortable on Camera: Our clients request a wide range of looks for their shoots so we are very open to your personal appearance. Your main role is being comfortable on camera and being able to follow instructions based on clients requests.

4.(Most Important)You’re Fun,Friendly And Positive! This just makes everything easier for everyone! We have a great team of people and we pride ourselves on being inclusive, open and supportive of all of our talent and staff 🙂 We like to work along side similar personality types.


Interested in finding out more?
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