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Ready to Book an Adult Shoot?

Lets Get Started:

1.Call/Txt JAKE on +1 778 300 4785 

Please have the following information ready:
-What type of scene you want to shoot & exact roles and acts 
you require the actresses to participate in.
-How many actresses you require.
-How many hours you’d like to shoot.
-Whether you’d like to shoot from our studio or your location.
-An approximate date for when you’d like to shoot the video.
-Whether you want to hold the camera (POV), use tripods 
or use a camera person.
-What type of female you’re interested in hiring (age, look etc)

2.We send you pictures via your chosen
contact method 
of performers that fit your criteria
and have agreed 
to act in your shoot.

3.You pick your favourite performer and we
confirm details 
and your shoot date/time/price.

4.Once confirmed and everyone is happy,
we shoot your video! 
We then edit it and you have it
in your possession within 48 hours.

Your Privacy is very important to us. We do not share
any personal information with any 3rd party.
We are proud to offer a completely 
legal, professional and FUN experience for everyone involved.
Call/Txt Jake Now and Get Started:
+1 778 300 4785

*Please Note: We offer a Professional Adult Entertainment Production & Management Service. Our Actresses work legally within the Professional Standards of the Canadian Pornography Law. We do not breach the laws of “Obscenity” or “Indecency”  and our actresses will not work off camera (prostitution). Any request for such will be denied. We strictly offer on camera talent and film production services for Adult Entertainment and Freedom of Expression (artistic expression) purposes only.
All Performers are over 19 years of age.