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Are You Looking To Shoot An Adult Video?
We’ve Got You Covered Every Step Of The Way.

Vancouver based, Adultcustoms.com makes is easy for you to shoot a great adult video with our beautiful adult actresses.
We take your vision from concept to completion and ensure a completely professional, and satisfying experience. We value your privacy and ensure all personal information and media will be kept confidential.
We recommend that you get in touch with us to go over your details so we can get your shoot organized asap.


What We Do:

1.Connect You With Adult Actresses

We have a huge variety of Female Adult Actresses from in and around Vancouver that are ready to perform in your video production no matter how big or small.
We’re sure we have an actress on our team that you will fit your criteria.

2.Provide Cameras, Equiptment, Lighting Etc

We provide you with all of the equiptment and services you need to shoot your video. This includes cameras, camera operators (you can also shoot your own POV) and professional lighting. We also edit your video to ensure it looks great. Editing is completed and a download is delivered to you securely online within 48 hours.

3.Provide a Private Studio For You To Shoot Your Video From

We provide you with a private studio to shoot from in Downtown Vancouver. Our studio has all the features you would expect for an Adult Entertainment Video Shoot (Bed, chairs , shower etc). You are also welcome to use our private shower and kitchen facilities before and after the shoot.

How It Works:
1. You have a vision for an Adult Video Shoot. The creative details of your scene are entirely up to you.
You let us know exactly what type of scene you are wanting to shoot and what types of roles you’re wanting our actresses to play.
Do so by Calling/Texting us on +1 778 300 4785 and make sure to provide all the details requested on this page.

2. We then send you pictures and details of performers that fit your criteria and have expressed interest in acting in your scene.

3. You pick the performer that works best for your scene, we go over some additional details and we confirm your shoot date/time.

4. We do your shoot! We edit it and you have it in your possession within 48 hours.

We Value Privacy. We Never Share Any Media With Anyone But You. All Client Details Are Kept Confidential And All Videos Are Deleted On Our End Once You Have Received the file.


Pricing depends on shoot specifics such as details of your scene, hours required, actress you choose and how many actresses you would like to hire. But the basics for a one hour shoot with one actress are listed below.
We recommend contacting us to go over things.

What You Get

– Basic One Hour Shoot With 20 Minute Meet/Greet/Pre Shoot Plan/Go over the scene (script/angles etc). 

– One Adult Actress.

– 40 Minutes of Scene Recording Time.

– Professional Lighting, a Camera Operator, 3 HD Cameras & A Studio to Film From.

– 3 Hours Post Editing.

– A Complete Downloadable Video Of Your Scene Sent To You Within 48 Hours.

Price: $600 P/hr-
(Pricing is very dependent on your specific scene. Certain scenes can cost more)

Want to discuss a shoot?
Contact us now.

*Please Note: We offer a Professional Adult Entertainment Production & Management Service. Our Actresses work legally within the Professional Standards of the Canadian Pornography Law. We do not breach the laws of “Obscenity” or “Indecency”  and our actresses will not work off camera (prostitution). Any request for such will be denied. We strictly offer on camera talent and film production services for Adult Entertainment and Freedom of Expression (artistic expression) purposes only.
All Performers are over 19 years of age.